Dec 12, 2008

Ethics and the Lack of...

Message to Mitra:

In your email of 12/9 and 12/10 you assured the employees of the Fund that everything said on this blog was false and unethical. Proof of your deceit and cover up has made its way to us. Proof which by the way, is public records.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, we are offering you a chance to make it right. Please understand that nothing we say on this blog is false. There is evidence to everything we say and we will continue to divulge it until we see compliance to the following demands:

1. A formal apology to the employees of the fund for all the wrongdoings during your administration and a promise of an investigation into all the allegations posted on this blog.

2. The immediate unconditional resignation of Donna Rey

3. The immediate unconditional resignation of Brandy Shiloh

4. An inquire and review into all terminations that have occured since Donna Rey and Brandy Shiloh have been part of your administration and the reinstatement of all employees found to have been wrongfully terminated.

5. Grant or allow the employees of the funds to vote on total immunity for the creators of this blog.

The credibility of your upper management staff is in question, especially that of Donna Rey and Brandy Shiloh. For you to continue ignoring the facts is an insult to every employee and member of our Fund and to everything we fought and stand for.

Remember, complete transparency is a requirement to restore confidence in your administration. In order to keep your Staff informed, all of your findings should be posted on the intranet.


  1. Anonymous12/12/2008

    <-- falling backwards
    I cant believe it, better yet, I BELIEVE IT!

  2. Anonymous12/12/2008

    The people that were wrongfully terminated should get their jobs back also. All the wrong doings that Donna has done should be corrected. Stop being corrupt and start being honest.

  3. Anonymous12/12/2008

    Holy Shit! What was the charge? I can see there was participation in a Pre-Trial intervention program, but for what?

    Good work!

  4. Anonymous12/12/2008

    Brian? Brandy? Is the Director of HR & LR a she-male?

  5. Anonymous12/12/2008

    I worked in the Fund for over 7 years. They wanted to fire me but didn't have anything solid. They did a background check on me, without my consent. My check came back with a felony, committed 15 years ago, I paid my dues. And the person who terminated me was Brandy with a straight face. Little did she know that her felony would come out as well. Karma is so sweet!

  6. Anonymous12/13/2008

    It seems that God has forsaken you. That usually happens when you do wrong to others.
    I think it is time for you to go to your reverend, Notorious Trevon Gross, and confess your sins. He knows your little dirty secret and wont say anything as long as you continue to handsomely pay for his silence. By the way, nice way to funnel Fund money to your church.

  7. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Didn't she help save our jobs?

  8. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Save our jobs, how? She is giving our jobs away to her people.

  9. Anonymous12/13/2008

    You got that right she is terminating and pushing out employees for no reason. Only to bring in her worthless and useless crooked friends and get cutbacks from agencies. She is a PIG. She should resign.

  10. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Save our jobs?
    Tell that to Diana Rodriguez, Nancy Crystal, Barbara McDonald, Kimberly Lipscomb, Thomas DeLeon, they all were pushed out of HR in order for her to make room for her unqualified crooked friends.

    Guyanne: well I think by now we all know why she got the job. In all the free time you have from 9 to 5 you should sign up for an online class in excel and word to learn how to format your documents. NO MORE HANDWRITTEN MEMOS
    Bradley: brought in to be a scribe for Guyanne and the crew and of course to fetch ice cream and lunch for her boss with a smile.
    Shouna: impresive resume. You would think she invented the internet, but has anyone seen her facial expression when she is asked a technical question in a meeting? it reminds me of my dog poochie when I ask him if he ate his own crap.
    Tracy: I've never seen anyone working on a powerpoint presentation for 5 months. Can anyone please explain what she is supposed to do? because she shure can't.
    Rev. Trevon, you talk the talk and boy you could eat but how do you sleep at night knowing you taking home easy money? leaving at 3pm. and never working a full 35. I wonder how much money is being "donated" to your church by HR21, Thatcher & Oracle for giving them so much business.

  11. Anonymous12/13/2008

    and now she threaten us in a meeting telling us that we are going to lose our jobs if we are found to have anything to do with this site.
    Well? lets see what you could do boss. I am glad everyone in the fund is on to you. Don't think we don't know about you sexually harrasing one of your own staff. We are not afraid anymore. We have put up with your treatment long enough telling us our only incentive for doing a good job was that "we get to keep our jobs" we are all witnesses to the harrasment you inflicted on Diana, Nancy, Kimberly, Barbara, Tom and now Luis. Now you are looking to place blame on someone in HR for letting out your dirty little secrets. We commend the people who created this. They gave us a voice and said things we all knew since you started.
    You and your people have caused an embarrasment to HR. It will take a long time to repair the damage you have caused, but we will. Kevin, we are all behind you.

  12. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Brandy, How can you face anyone now (now that they know the truth about you) knowing that you terminated employees (that have been with the organization for years) because of a felony they had years ago and yet you were hired within the last 2 years with having a felony on your record?
    What a DISGRACE for 1199NBF to hire a Director for HR who has a felony on their record.
    An HR Director or Chief should always have a clean record in any organization or company. You really are a piece of garbage. Knowing your affecting someones livelihood for terminating them for the same thing you have.

  13. Anonymous12/13/2008

    uh oh !

  14. Anonymous12/13/2008

    So much for setting an example ah Donna? Trying to take take over the world with your deceit and shady people? We are on to you to. We know how you are putting your people in place to backstab Mitra and then move on to the union to take over George's spot. After all, that's why you tried to do at the Board of Education.

  15. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Alert! Management is sending word around that private investigators will be researching IP address to find out whose writing on the blog, when they find out they will send the names to all departments and supervisors and managers to make your life a living hell without you knowing about! Not true if fund has the money to do that the fund will go bankrupt more scare tactics, like I said if you come after me lawsuit and I play to win please keep blogging, people need to know we live a democratic society, not in a communist society!

  16. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Question, lets assume they find out our IP address, how will they proof it was an employee doing the posting if 4 people share the same PCin the same house?
    Somebody is watching too many "Mission Impossible" movies.
    So now the Fund is going to dictate what we could say in our own homes?
    Well, this post has been on for 4 days. How long will it take these investigators to produce results?
    Seems like another scheme to steal money from the Fund. I am sure Donna has something to do with this.
    Accounting, lets keep tabs on their invoices.

  17. Anonymous12/13/2008


    Please tell me how you can keep your job when you don't respond to emails, you don't return phone calls and you don't show up for scheduled meetings. Of course no one can complain about you because it has to be said once again "you are Donna's golden hair child" NO ONE will attempt to COMPLAIN ABOUT YOU because there will be backlash from Donna. So we all go about our merry way living miserably at the Fund, secretly hating you and Donna. You don't have any worries in the world because you and Donna are tight. The entire fund see this. Everyone wonders why Donna spends so much time with you, can you answer that? Is it because you are working on a list of employees who Donna wants to get rid of? Why aren't you held to the same standard everyone else who report to Donna is? Why are you allow to make decisions at the drop of a hat without discussing them with Donna?

  18. Anonymous12/14/2008

    ye kevin hurley is not part of this bullshit, always has been a great person , to me, he should be head of h.r.. he is a fair person, and he knows what the hell hes talking about. on all subjects , when it comes to your time , vac sick , and he knows the contract, when these fuc***s get put out , and its coming soon, he should immediatly be placed as the head of h.r.

  19. Anonymous12/14/2008


  20. Anonymous12/14/2008

    This is from another very concerned employee. I have worked for one of the Funds for over 20 years and I hold a high management position with access to Accounting, Executive and HR files. During that time, I have not seen so much disorganization, corruption and deceit, favoritism, and discrimination. I have seen the abuse and ignorance from top management staff first hand.

    I strongly believe in change. As a matter of fact, I am an advocate to change. But when someone abuses the system to get her way and imposes fear among her staff to get respect; then the credibility and premeditated good purpose for that change goes out the window. All odds are against it.

    The Website has been forwarded to the EEO, other equal right opportunity sources, members and providers. It is only a matter of time before any other concerned high ranking official or group of important individuals get involved. It appears we have to go beyond the Union, Trustees and 57th Street Hospital League because it looks as if they do not care about ours and our members concerns for any of these allegations.

    I’m requesting the following facts should be and must be investigated.

    1. If punches are being fixed for Bradley or any other HR staff; then the same punishment should be applied to those who break the rule just as many others have been terminated for these actions. Disciplinary actions up to termination should be sought. All you have to do is question the AA and HR reps. I’m sure they would rather tell the truth than lose their jobs.

    2. If criminal actions were committed by Brandy in the past; then the same punishment should be applied to her just as she terminated many others for having a past criminal record. Termination should be sought. I cannot wait to see those wrongfully terminated sue 1199 for having another criminal terminate them. I am certain the media would love to get a piece of this action.

    3. If favoritism is in place; then it must be stopped, and those who apply it must be punished. Brandy, Donna and Johan must be punished according to their same rules and regulations. No more favorites; no more preferential treatment; no more abuse; no more FEAR.

    4. If hiring preference is being insisted for employees/consultants from the Auburn Technical Services Group; then it must be investigated. Why would Johan (especially him) and Donna prefer these consultants be hired over other consulting agencies and more qualified candidates no questions asked? Is there some type of personal connection? “Just do it is their motto” Ask the HR reps and they would rather tell the truth than lose their jobs.

    5. How do you justify Johan Reyes’ salary? $120K??? He possesses a bachelor’s degree in computers, and has no more than three years of experience in; I guess computer stuff to be leading a new department at the Fund. He acts as if he is another Chief of the Fund. Where is the experience to back it up? Where is the respect for those who are educated and have more seniority like Leo Cole, Kwok Wu, Diana Rodriguez, James Mele and Michelle Agard for example, to lead the way?

    One more thing I would like to mention in regards to salaries is the $20K increase Brandy Shiloh received recently after allegedly using a scare tactic against Donna Rey threatening to leave. Now that we know they are friends, the question is, was it a personal favor or a way to keep her mouth shut? One can only wonder…

    6. Finally, if Mitra is aware or involved to any of the above; she must be immediately removed from her position. If George is aware or involved to any of the above, he must also be immediately removed from his position. The way I see, if the allegations set forth are true, both of them should be immediately removed from their position.

    My concerns have been raised, and I am very certain that someone out there will listen and will do something about it.

    1199 SEIU Benefit and Pension Fund Executive Management.

  21. Welcome to the strugle my fellow co-worker.

    We encourage management staff like yourself with top level access to speak up.

    We have all been victims of the injustice perpetrated by the people mentioned above in some way, either directly or inderectly.

    An investigation is in order and let the weight of justice fall on those who have done wrong.

    Feel free to email us.

  22. Anonymous12/14/2008

    Good Thank God this is happening. This blog has also been sent to the New York Central Labor Council AFL-CIO Gary La Barbera and the New York State AFL-CIO who is Dennis Hughes and Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Hopefully we will get some justice and the wrongfully terminated will be reinstated.

  23. Anonymous12/14/2008

    Hey Mitra,

    Remember this letter? Don't think you fooled the Trustees with the letters that Vivian and Deborah wrote on Donna's behalf. They will now see that this letter was in fact true.

    This letter was sent out to all the trustees.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter is coming to you anonymously from a very concerned employee. There happens to be an individual in a high-ranking supervisory position who, on a daily basis, seems to take pleasure in inflicting unwarranted misery and abuse upon those in her employ. The person in reference is the current CAO, Ms. Donna Rey (heretofore referred to as Ms. Rey). In order to illustrate the severity of the situation, the following will outline some of the more blatant examples of her misconduct.

    In such a dynamic economy, the challenges facing any corporation or group are daunting. Change is not only necessary, but inevitable. 1199SEIU Funds is no exception. Your faithful employees actually welcome the opportunity that proper change can bring, but do not welcome the mistreatment we have been receiving from Ms. Rey. The situation has become intolerable.
    Because of her mistreatment's, 1199SEIU Funds is losing talented and hard working individuals (some that have given many years to the organization). The result is a slowly destabilizing organization. Morale too is at an all-time low. If any of you had time to observe the employee populous you would be shocked, nay horrified, to see how stifled (and therefore counterproductive) the working atmosphere created by Ms. Rey has become. It was never like this before her stewardship.

    Ms. Rey has also taken to terminating employees without cause. This is obvious due to the unusually high turnover since she began her tenure. The resulting eventuality of legal proceedings can and will place the organization in an unfavorable light, both financially and to someone new seeking employment with you in the future.

    Ms. Rey’s transgressions are not limited to staff employees alone either. Ms. Rey has actually gone so far as to menace her own Management staff (at all levels) with the threat of, “I will not tolerate anyone going to the Union with complaints. I will personally escort them out!” This quite literally goes against the company policy of “open door.”

    By her position as CAO, Ms. Rey has also effectively severed contact with our own HR department, since the HR Director is in Ms. Rey’s chain of reports! Any complaints or surfacing of injustices are squashed and ignored, followed by the inevitable retaliation against the complainant.

    Ms. Rey habitually requires that consultants approve important corporate contracts & bills. Is it not imprudent to have non full-time representatives take responsibility at a corporate level? Of course! What is she afraid of? What is she hiding?

    In conclusion, the desired effect of this letter is to raise your collective awareness to a bad situation, and hopefully your desire to investigate further will be aroused.

    Thank you for your time and attention to these very important matters.

  24. Anonymous12/15/2008

    You are going to have some explaining to do to the trustees in regard to that letter. They were ALL for warned about Donna and you squashed it. You made them believe all was well at the fund and that letter was a lie. Even coercing Vivian and Deborah to write on her behalf. I wonder how they are gonna feel that you lied straight to the their faces. Making them all look like fools.

  25. Anonymous12/16/2008

    ...SCANDAL!!! I LUV IT!!...This sh!t is craaazzzzeeee!!!! Talk about dysfunctional...SMDH...

  26. Anonymous12/17/2008

    To all that have been unfairly treated, pushed out, wrongfully terminated and discriminated against. Please get in touch with the EEOC @ and state your case to them. Alone we cannot fight this, Together we can overcome and defeat this unlawful and atrocious behavior.

  27. Anonymous12/18/2008

    Brandy has now been promoted to Chief of HR. This blog has been fruitless. I really thought we had a chance to overcome the corrupt. This news will ruin my Christmas.

  28. This just shows the level of corruption in the Fund. As usual, the Fund denies all allegations without even any investigation. They hope for this to go away, but it will not.

    We will continue the fight until we get to the bottom of this corruption.

    We will do it for our members and to stop the plundering of their contributions.

  29. Anonymous12/21/2008

    what a pitty --

  30. Anonymous1/03/2009

    Why us it that Raven doesn't have to clock in or out? And yet all the other assistant's have to? Why is Raven and even Johan getting this special treatment? You are just so dishonest Donna in everything that you do! You are a conniving arrogant person who needs to get out. YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED, RESPECTED OR LIKED in this organization.

  31. Anonymous1/09/2009

    Blogging as whistle-blogging: Fracas at 1199 Family of Funds

    By Susan Merniton December 21, 2008 5:39 PM

    In New York City, a concerned employee of the 1199 Family of Funds has created an anonymous blog entitled What's Happening at 1199SEIU Family of Funds? that calls out two staffers as people who engage in nepotism, practice discrimination, and create an unfair culture. In response to this blog, according to my source, the organization has blocked access to outside email (and is screening mail), has called a meeting to deny the allegations, and is (understandably) trying to figure out who the author is.

    Meanwhile, employees are deeply engaging with the site, posting responses to posts that inquire about age discrimination, questionable and possibly illegal practices, and their right to exercise their free speech with this blog ("The fund is threatening employees with prosecution and termination if they participate in this blog. What ever happened to our right to speak? Isn't that what our Union fights for? What would our Union do if management at one of the institutions will threaten our members the same way?")

    Interestingly enough, if you assume that the 1,800 employees of the 1199 Family of Funds are all aware of this blog--and perhaps 70 of them are posting on it--a picture emerges where some disgruntled employees--whistleblowers?--are using social media to a) air their grievances and b) try to create positive change (which doesn't really seem to be working, does it?)

    If I was a New York based journalist, or the journalism prof at a local J school, I'd jump all over this story, both to better understand what is actually going on at the 1199 Family of Funds and to see if anyone is accountable, and to understand and document how blogging--on blogspot, no less!--is being used as an organizing tool in a non-technical setting.

    Social media, anyone? Wow.

  32. Susan,

    Thank you for taking a look at our blog and diffusing information about our struggle.

    First of all, allow me to say that every accusation on this blog is based on true facts.

    Contrary to everything the Fund stands for, this new administration is using their position of authority to step all over workers rights. Taking advantage of our current economic times, they threaten employees with termination if they even attempt to be part of this blog. As a long term employee of the Fund, I have been witness to many changes, but I never thought that an organization known for "fighting for workers rights" could engage in implementing such a string of unfair practices and pretend everything is just accusations of one or two disgruntled employees.

    As much as the Fund would like us to terminate the blog, this will not stop. We will continue to keep the blog alive and fight for our fellow employee's rights.

    Feel free to email me.

  33. Anonymous1/16/2009

    When I joined the Fund it was like a family. I enjoyed coming to work everyday. When Mitra came to power I saw the writing on the wall. She didn't earn the job, she was given it. Mrs. Tilson could be a little loopy, but she never had a bad word for anyone. She knew employees childrens names and always asked how they were.

    Mitra brought a regime that was meant to 'cleanse' the Fund. People speak of nepotism, does anyone know where Mitra worked before? She was a partner in the law firm that handled a great deal of legal work for the Fund. They generated a great deal of income from the Fund. Amazingly, she left the firm and became the Executive Director.

    I left the Fund, as stated above, because I saw the writing on the wall. Since I left, I have spoken to several friends who still work in the Fund. They tell me how miserable they are on a daily basis. Being passed over for promotions as wel as being paid poorly compared to market rate.

    The Fund is supposed to set the bar for a higher standard compared to the Empire's and other unions. All I know I that the bar is so low, an ant can barely crawl under it.

  34. Anonymous2/11/2009

    I am sooooooo glad I left that place. I am in better position now and I believe that leaving 1199 was an excellent move. Move on people, there are better things out there !!!

    From: A hard working employee who never got a chance :)

  35. Anonymous3/19/2009

    Brian is her twin brother. I use to work with Brandy. I resigned due to being ill-treated by her on the job. I would not be surprised if she put a write up in my file after because she does that at times.

  36. Anonymous11/13/2010

    is this still going on? an interested party would like to have an update. i am thinking about applying for a job there and stumbled upon this site and now i'm a little concerned. could someone let me know? thanks